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The Prospector platform packs a punch when it comes to its innovative new features. More than ever Prospector enables you to approach a prospect with a compelling business solution before spend has been locked down. Browse the ever expanding library of resources below to learn how to get maximum impact from the platform.


Working with the new Insights screen

Learn about the new insights screen and how best to work within it.


Quick Search

Learn how to swiftly return results for specific companies, contacts, brands or insights.


Build A Search

Harness the power of Prospector's advanced search capabilities.


The Dashboard

Get an at a glance view of your key account and usage information.


Identifying Competitors

How to build a picture of who plays in the same space.


List Building & Exporting

Steps to build and manage lists of contacts, companies, brands and insights.


Prospector Marketing Profiles

Discover how Prospector's Saved Searches & Email Alerts can drive prospecting efficiency.


Saved Searches & Email Alerts

Discover how Prospector's Saved Searches & Email Alerts can drive prospecting efficiency.


The Trending Feature

See what your fellow Prospector users are looking at now.


The Frequently Viewed Feed

Learn about this list of your most popular items.


The Frequent Related Insights Feed

Monitor the latest news on your most regularly viewed companies.


The IRD Story

Whether it's new business opportunities or intelligent partnerships, IRD has a vision to help Australian businesses work smarter.

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