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Targeted, qualified leads: handpicked just for you

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Smash your sales targets with hand picked, sales-ready, qualified leads and appointments.


Why Leadwire?

Perfect for lead-hungry sales environments, Leadwire is a personalised, lead delivery service that generates highly qualified leads and appointments with your target audience.

Based on your brief, we uncover relevant leads and qualify them for sales-readiness over the phone. Then we deliver the leads to you in real time and can even set up appointments for you, if you wish.

Leadwire is powered by our highly skilled outbound teleprospecting team, and underpinned by IRD's meticulously researched and painstakingly verified sales-intelligence database: creating the perfect storm for tailored, sales-ready opportunities.

Here's what Leadwire can do:


Provides marketing-qualified opportunities, appointments and company profiles on a 'cost per lead' model


Delivers exceptional campaign ROI


Drives your pipeline, keeping your sales team informed and firing


Comes with a 100% quality guarantee - you ony pay for leads that meet your criteria


A "quality over quantity" alternative to mainstream telemarketing


All leads qualified by highly skilled Australian lead generation professionals: no casuals, backpackers, or offshore callers


To-date, Leadwire has powered several hugely successful lead generation campaigns for clients including: HP, Microsoft, Bank of Queensland, Fujitsu and NAB to name but a few.

How it Works

  You specify region, industry vertical, company size and job title

  We help you define your qualification criteria, profile questions and exclusion lists

  Our experienced Sydney research team generates qualified leads using a highly effective outbound approach

  Leads and appointment details are delivered in real time to your CRM and marketing automation systems

  Over to you to close the deal


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