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IRD Contributors. It all starts with you.

IRD Contributors are industry experts from a wide range of fields, who verify the information that we gather from the media. They’re the backbone of everything we do.

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Do you have business news worth sharing?

You can become a Contributor today and distribute company news to thousands of decision-making professionals from some of Australia’s largest companies, for FREE. Contact our Discovery Team directly on 02 8456 3223 to submit your company’s story.

Received a call from the IRD Discovery Team?

If you've received a call from our Discovery Team it's probably because you have been identified as a potential IRD Contributor and we would like you to verify some news about your company that has appeared in the press. Read on to find out what's in it for you - and why your role is so vitally important.

How IRD can help you

If the IRD Discovery Team has contacted you it's because the press has reported something about your business that could prompt calls from potential suppliers. We help these companies react appropriately by providing accurate information about the products and services – if any – that you need. This helps them consider whether their products and services are actually relevant to you at this point in time.


Filtering the gold from the dust

By sharing information about your business you enable us to point the right suppliers in your direction, saving you valuable procurement time. Or, if you prefer, we can discourage them from getting in touch if you have no need for their services. In short, IRD provides a short-cut method of reaching those suppliers best-suited to helping you – and a filter to dissuade the rest.

Is your company going through changes you would like to share with IRD’s subscribers? Contributing information is free and you can contact our Discovery Team directly on 02 8456 3223 to submit your company’s story.

An opportunity to respond

By qualifying press reports with you directly we are able to verify news stories about your business. IRD gives you a voice, and reduces the number of cold calls you might receive off the back of inaccurate press coverage. What’s more you can specify exactly the sort of approaches you’re looking for, taking a lot of the early leg-work out of pitch and tender processes.


How we use the information you share with us

IRD has a select group of subscribers who have access to the information you provide. Our products have intelligent filters to ensure that the information only gets shared with relevant companies who could have something to contribute to your business. We have strict guidelines around how our subscribers use the information we provide, and we encourage you to contact us if you feel you have been approached inappropriately.

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