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For Technical Audio Group (TAG), the launch of their new user-friendly gaming headset was an exciting time, full of opportunity. Find out how being an IRD Contributor helped TAG make contact with the right people to help the headsets get off the ground, as well as increasing brand awareness of an exciting new product.

  • Increase awareness and clarify details about your product or company
  • Find the best suppliers to help you – and dissuade the rest
  • Take a lot of the leg-work out of the tender process

Meet Wesley

Wesley von Grabill is National Brand Manager, Technical Audio Group (TAG).

Wesley is well and truly plugged into the world of technology. Whether it's being immersed in 3D action at IMAX on his days off, or promoting TAG’s range of audio equipment, Wesley understands the mind-blowing impact technology can have.

What Wesley Wanted

Working for one of Australia's leading suppliers of professional audio equipment, Wesley is always on the look-out for unique opportunities to promote their new products. So when TAG released their first ever user-friendly gamer headset, the AG1, Wesley wanted to tell the world.

The interaction was fantastic, simple and with no stress.

The opportunity

While The Daily Telegraph noted the release of the ground-breaking AG1 headphones, details were limited. So IRD's Discovery Team followed up with a phone call to Wesley to get the whole story.

This gave Wesley an opportunity to paint a broader picture for IRD's audience and communicate what he needed to support his vision for success. Our clients were then able to respond with thoughtful, relevant and timely proposals.

The outcome

IRD confirmed and elaborated on the release of the new headphones, providing Wesley with a direct link to experienced, qualified media, marketing and business professionals.
IRD gave Wesley & TAG more of a voice in the cluttered media landscape, to accurately communicate his brand and product plans and reduce cold calls by specifying the sort of approaches he was looking for. (A bit of brand awareness and reach among influential industry segments didn’t hurt either!)

We shared brand information and discussed the development and integration of the brand's expectations for the year coming.

Finding the right products and services to support your business can be difficult and time-consuming. No-one wants to be hounded by sales reps either. So by sharing information about your business we can make sure you're approached by the right businesses with the right opportunities at the right time. Or discourage them from getting in touch if you have no need for their services.

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