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How much does sales prospecting cost your business?

Enter your own numbers to see the productivity savings you could make and explore the cost of missed opportunities.

Productivity Calculator

Every person in your business development team is an important asset to the company. But they are also a big expense for your business: especially when you consider the fully burdened cost including commission, expenses, a laptop and phone.

Wouldn’t you like to see them spending more time generating revenue and less time looking for opportunities and contacts? We alert your sales reps about relevant business opportunities, supported by the backstory that allows them to have an informed, relevant conversation, as well as the contact details of just the person they need to speak to.

Use the ROI calculator to work out how much you can save by implementing our product into your business. The calculator uses the modest assumption that a full-burdened rep costs you $120,000 per annum and spends just 15% of their day sales prospecting. It also includes an estimate of the cost of IRD Group, providing a genuine ROI.





Missed Opportunity Calculator

Have you ever wondered what other new business opportunities are out there that you just don’t know about? At IRD we specialise in identifying opportunities you simply don’t have the time or resources to find yourself. Our Discovery Team are experts in prospecting in all the hard-to-find places. Let them do the legwork for you!

The cost of missing out on a sales trigger that leads to a new business meeting is significant. Use the ROI calculator to work out how much it costs your business to miss out on a good opportunity. Simply enter the average value of a new client, your meeting to sale conversion rate, and the number of connections it takes for you to book a meeting.





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