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Imagine sitting down at your desk each morning, armed with a list of live, relevant business opportunities, supported by the backstory that allows you to open an informed, relevant conversation, as well as the contact details of just the person you need to speak to. Pretty inspiring, don’t you think?

Get ready to work smarter, not harder.

1. New business opportunities delivered to your desk

Prospector delivers a daily stream of tailored new business opportunities, allowing you to get in early and add fresh companies to the top of your funnel.

New business opportunities delivered to your desk

Fuel your CRM with quality Australian data

2. Fuel your CRM with quality Australian data

Your CRM is an expensive asset to your business, but its only as good as the data that fuels it. Prospector consistently provides fresh, Australian focused opportunities, contacts and insights - making sure your sales engine runs smoothly all year round.

3. Increase prospect conversion

Your sales and marketing machine is full steam ahead, but do you know which prospects on your list are more likely to buy? Prospector can overlay powerful business insights which will help prioritise those who are more likely to need your services now.

Increase prospect conversion

Boost productivity

4. Boost productivity

Prospecting is a crucial part of sales, but your reps shouldn't be spending valuable hours looking for the information that is relevant to their role. Prospector will allow you to spend more time pitching for business and less time looking for it.

5. Target genuine decision-makers

Starting with the right decision-maker can shorten your sales cycle and increase conversion. Prospector provides you with the names and contact details of the genuine decision-makers, meaning your sales activity is pointed in the right direction from the get-go.

Target genuine decision-makers

Relevant, accurate, hand-checked intelligence

6. Relevant, accurate, hand-checked intelligence

Our Sydney based Discovery Team uncovers and verifies business development opportunities that your sales team does not have the time or resources to find themselves. Prospector will deliver new prospects that you never even knew existed.

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IRD Intelligence: quality you can rely on

We combine powerful insights with human intuition to shine a spotlight on opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

Unlike many other providers, IRD delivers business intelligence with an Australian focus. Our insights are unearthed by our Discovery Team which scour the media for business news on a daily basis and carefully pick hundreds of the most relevant insights each week.

This includes expansion plans, senior decision-maker appointments, M&As, restructures and new companies launching into Australia, all of which are indicators that a company is likely to review or expand its need for business services.

Every new insight is verified with a research call and exclusive new layers of information added, ensuring that the quality of our database is second to none.

We work with our clients to help solve challenges in their sales and marketing processes and we can help in a number of different ways:

Sales Process


Get in touch with a member of the Prospector team to have a discussion about the type of information you are after. If we have what you need, we can meet you and compare the product with the data in your CRM to show you exactly how many great insights, opportunities and contacts we can add to your current data pool. We can also provide targeted offline examples for you to verify.
Every piece of information on Prospector - whether it is an insight or a contact - is given a date stamp guaranteeing its recency. All our data is hand-checked by our Discovery Team with the date stamp showing you precisely when they last verified the information.
Our Client Success Team is always on hand to make sure that you are maximising the potential of Prospector. Your subscription includes an implementation meeting where we will demonstrate best practices to help your team make the most of our insights. We work with you to customise each user profile which means you will always be receiving the most relevant information.
Not as effectively and efficiently as we can. We have 15 experienced researchers working full-time to find and verify information for our clients. A sales person simply doesn't have the time or resources to be across the large amount of business intelligence we can cover. Let us do the legwork for you and spend your time starting new relationships, conducting meetings, negotiating with prospects and closing deals instead!
A CRM or contact list is only one step in the process to closing a deal. In order to have intelligent, consultative business conversations you also need to know what is happening in a business. That's where Prospector can add more to your current data pool. What's more, a list or CRM is only as good as the latest refresh. Prospector is updated every day meaning you can always rely on us for a fresh approach.
Where possible we provide email addresses on Prospector to make it as convenient as possible for you to reach out to a business prospect on a tailored and individual basis in accordance with Australian privacy laws. However, the contacts are not opted-in to receive marketing information and should not be used for mass e-marketing purposes.

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ROI calculator

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