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IRD's products keep you in the know, shining a spotlight on opportunities that you might otherwise have missed. The result? Commercial success, a fired up and focused team, and all the insights you need to flourish.

Prospector b2b

Prospector for b2b empowers b2b salespeople to work smarter. It uncovers daily opportunities within the industries that matter to you, and gives you the company and decision-maker information you need to get the ball rolling. Prospector for b2b unearths opportunities you don’t have time to seek out yourself, and helps you open relevant, productive conversations.

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Designed for marketing, PR and advertising agencies, Prospector for marketing services is revolutionising the way the industry tackles new business and account management. Prospector's insights enable agencies to upend a prospect or client’s approach to their business, discover an emerging need and eliminate the need for a pitch.

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Australia's must-have media sales tool, Prospector for media sales enables you to approach a prospect with a compelling media solution before spend has been locked down. Giving you a double advantage of being first off the starting blocks, as well as having agency and direct contacts at your fingertips: all increasing your chances of landing the campaign.

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Perfect for lead-hungry sales environments, Leadwire is IRD's lead generation and appointment setting service that generates highly qualified leads and appointments with your target audience.

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IRD Data

With more than 90,000 decision-making professionals from nearly 40,000 of Australia’s largest companies, IRD Data is the powerhouse that fuels all our IRD products.

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