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It's been a labour of love (plus some sweat and perhaps a few tears) but we are excited to announce the new-look Prospector website has arrived!

With input from clients, staff and industry friends, we've created an intuitive interface that delivers just the business intelligence you need to thrive.

New-look Prospector

Key Features


The Prospector platform packs a punch when it comes to its innovative new features. More than ever Prospector enables you to approach a prospect with a compelling solution before spend has been locked down. It gives you a double advantage of being first out of the starting blocks, as well as having prospect, agency and direct contacts at your fingertips: all increasing your chances of landing the client.

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Actionable Sales Insights

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#1 Agency Relationship Database

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Action Items & Calendar

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List Builder & Exports

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Enhanced Search & Email Alerts

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The Prospector platform's fresh new insights screen gives you improved access to the latest business intelligence and sales opportunities. From here you can seamlessly navigate to contacts, agency information and a plethora of additional resources, making it even easier to reach out to prospects with a valid business reason.

More than ever, Prospector is the leading solution for the B2B professional that wants to grow revenue and sell a range of business solutions.

  • 750+ business insights per week

  • Up-to-date C-suite, decision maker, media agency & marketing contacts

  • 100,000+ decision-maker contacts and 70,000 advertisers

  • Intuitive search facility allowing for filtering of results to match your brief

  • Gives valid reasons to approach prospects, agencies & clients with relevant & timely business solutions

Actionable Sales Insights

#1 Agency Relationship Database


Media and agency relationship intelligence has always been at the core of the Prospector for Media offering. With the new platform, this information is even more accessible and actionable, ensuring more productive agency and direct sales activity.

With clients constantly changing agencies, and companies regularly launching new brands, it’s tough to keep on top of the latest developments. Our Discovery Team makes hundreds of phone calls each week to confirm agency details, as well as the contact details of the best person to speak with.

  • Agency and Direct contact details for thousands of active advertisers

  • Up-to-date direct and media agency contacts

  • Search by agency and quickly pull client lists

  • Search by client to view media, advertising, digital and PR agency details

  • Build and export agency client lists at the click of a button

  • Prepare for agency and client calls and meetings in record time


Prospector has a brand-new Action Item and Calendar engine, meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity and can approach prospects with precision.

If you see a company, insight, contact or brand that you want to set aside for future action, simply click the Save To Action Items icon and that item will now be deposited in your Actions area.

  • Identify the most relevant and lucrative insights and set them aside for future action

  • Set Calendar reminders so you never miss an opportunity

  • Store notes and export to your email calendar or CRM system with ease

  • Quickly access Action and Calendar Items from within your Dashboard

  • Categorise items according to priority

Action Items & Calendar

#1 Agency Relationship Database


The new Prospector’s List Builder enables you to generate highly-targeted lists of companies and contacts that are likely to buy based on detailed criteria.

This new feature enables you to export data to your CRM or marketing automation platform and expand your universe of ideal prospects, providing highly-customised lists of net new targets that look like your best customers.

  • Create and manage lists of Insights, Companies, Contacts and Brands

  • Export to CSV for import to CRMs and to power marketing campaigns

  • Simply search, choose the items you’re interested in and click the Checkbox List Management button to start the process

  • Pull data by agency, industry, business type and size and countless more variables

  • Prepare for agency and client calls and meetings in record time


Two of Prospector’s most popular features, the Saved Search & Email Alert, have been further optimised saving you even more time by filtering only the insights you need.

The advantage of Prospector Saved Search is that it will continue to add fresh insights matching your specified criteria as they are published. Further power is delivered by Email Alerts - as we add new material to Prospector that meets your criteria, an email is sent to you prompting you to login and directly view that new intelligence.

  • New functionality allows you to edit the criteria of your Searches & Alerts after you’ve created them. So if your role, responsibilities or remit changes, simply update the criteria

  • Simple to create - simply click on the blue search name field to start

  • Now available under the main Search menu at the very top of the page

  • Prepare for meetings and pitches in record time, by tailoring intelligence specific to your needs

  • Have timely, targeted conversations with agencies and direct advertisers alike

Actionable Sales Insights

#1 Agency Relationship Database


Prospector’s brand-new Dashboard module provides an at a glance view of your key account and usage information, a running tally of the Credits you’ve accumulated and links to all of your stored information, including Saved Searches, Email Alerts and Lists.

  • A central hub from which to control and navigate Prospector

  • Gets you quickly to the information that best suits your sales prospecting needs

  • Draws attention to upcoming and overdue action items

  • Quick links to core resources, including your favourite Insights, Searches, Email Alerts and Lists

  • Monitor your personal usage and your team’s usage through the new management module

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IRD Intelligence: quality you can rely on

We combine powerful insights with human intuition to shine a spotlight on opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

Our insights are unearthed by our Discovery Team which scour the media for business news on a daily basis and carefully pick hundreds of the most relevant insights each week.

This includes expansion plans, senior decision-maker appointments, M&As, restructures and new and new companies launching into Australia, all of which are indicators that a company is likely to be reviewing or expanding its need for media spend and advertising needs.

Every new insight is verified with a research call to the company and their agency, adding new layers of information to ensure the quality of our database is second to none.

We work with our clients to help solve challenges in their sales and marketing processes and we can help in a number of different ways:

Sales Process


Get in touch with a member of the Prospector team to have a discussion about the type of information you’re after. If we have what you need, we can meet you and compare the product with the data in your CRM to show you exactly how many great insights, opportunities and contacts we can add to your current data pool. We can also provide targeted offline examples for you to verify.
Every piece of information on Prospector - whether it is an insight or a contact - is given a date stamp guaranteeing its recency. All our data is hand-checked by our Discovery Team with the date stamp showing you precisely when they last verified the information.
Our Client Success Team is always on hand to make sure that you are maximising the potential of Prospector. Your subscription includes an implementation meeting where we will demonstrate best practices to help your team make the most of our insights. We work with you to customise each user profile which means you will always be receiving the most relevant information.
Not as effectively and efficiently as we can. We have 15 experienced researchers working fulltime to find and verify information for our clients. A sales person simply doesn’t have the time or resources to be across the large amount of business intelligence we can cover. Let us do the legwork for you and spend your time starting new relationships, conducting meetings, negotiating with prospects and closing deals instead!
A CRM or a contact list is only one step in the process to closing a deal. In order to have intelligent, consultative business conversations you also need to know what is happening in a business. That’s where Prospector can add more to your current data pool. What’s more, a list or a CRM is only as good as the latest refresh. Prospector is updated every day meaning you can always rely on us for a fresh approach.
Where possible, we provide email addresses on Prospector to make it as convenient as possible for you to reach out to a business prospect on a tailored and individual basis in accordance with Australian privacy laws. However, the contacts are not opted-in to receive marketing information and should not be used for mass e-marketing purposes.

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ROI calculator

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