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For the Business Development Manager at Steak Digital, staying abreast of what the market - and their competitors - is up to, is a major factor in their ongoing success. Find out how they used the insights from Prospector to secure a major utilities client – and much, much more.

  • Get the heads-up on new business and pitch opportunities as soon as they arise
  • Target clients that play to your strengths and portfolio
  • Open the door to over 80,000 up-to-date key decision-makers, Australia-wide

About Steak

With a background in search marketing, Steak Digital's realm now spans display, affiliate, social and mobile. In 2011 Steak became part of the Dentsu Network, the world's 5th largest marketing communications agency operating in over 100 cities globally. With clients who keep coming back for more, an ever-expanding portfolio, and a steady push on new business, knowing who to speak to and when is a vital ingredient in Steak’s success.

Meet Sandey

Steak’s Business Development Manager Sandey loves what she does so much, work is her favourite place to be. (Oh, and the ski fields when she finds the time). She also runs her own business. Phew.

When you’re this busy, time's a priority. She needed an automated system that could tell her what her prospects were up to and who she's competing with, as well as delivering hundreds of accurate contact details. Prospector gave her all that and more.

The Goal
Prospector has assisted us in securing accounts in excess of $1,000,000 in billings for our agency.

Sandey's priority was to get a utility client on-board. And not just any client – a big one. Like most large accounts, an official pitch process was scheduled and Steak had to differentiate themselves to make an impact.

The opportunity
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A filtered new business insight on Prospector revealed the pitch date, the incumbent agency and how to get in touch. So Sandey was able to plan ahead while keeping the prospect warm pre-pitch. When the tender was released, Steak got a personal phone call from the head of Procurement, who, according to Sandey 'wouldn't have known we existed had we not personalised our approach with the intelligence provided by Prospector.

The payback

After a six-month pitch proces Steak was awarded the SEM account of Australia's largest utilities provider, who remain a happy (and major) client to this day.

100% of our new business is sourced in various forms through Prospector. The cold call is a thing of the past, thanks to the intelligence Prospector gives us.


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