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Add extra potency to your Prospector and Connector subscription by adding the largest, most accurate brands database in Australia, BrandsHQ.

What's in it?

What's in it?

Over 1800 major Australian brand profiles, including:   What's in it?

  • Brand Manager contact details
  • Agency contact details and directory
  • Extensive brand insights including description, target market & recent trends
  • Social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Parent company relationship
  • Industry sector
  • Recent brand news

1. Unlock the most powerful business database in Australia

BrandsHQ does more than list the largest number of Australian consumer brands in the market. It's a complete business tool unlocking countless opportunities at the critical brand level, so you can:

Coupled with IRD's Valid business Reasons, you will get access to the most powerful business insights and prospecting database in Australia

Prospect more effectively   Prospect more effectively

Stay informed   Stay informed

Prepare for pitches   Prepare for pitches

Prospect more effectively   Understand the competition

Research effectively   Research effectively

Save time in the process   Save time in the process

2. Cross-sell and upsell to clients in record time

It can cost four times as much to sell to a new customer as it does to sell to an existing one.

But who has the time to identify these often hidden opportunities? Use BrandsHQ tailored search and alerts to stay across your clients, the competitive landscape and the industry. Coupled with exclusive BrandsHQ research, find your angle, impress your clients, exceed your target!

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3. Access brand-level opportunities & spend

Lets face-it while Brand Managers hold the key to millions of advertising dollars each year, it's time consuming and often difficult identifying who they are and how to get in touch. Which is why we've done it for you. BrandsHQ has the most powerful and up-to-date list of brand managers across Australia, meaning you can reach the people holding the purse-strings at the click of a button, bypassing the traditional CMO-led approach. You will:

Gain closer insights into brand management and agency affiliation relationships

Influence marketing spend outside of the traditional CMO / media agency dynamic, historically dominated by major agencies.


If you are a Prospector or Connector Premium client, you automatically have access to BrandsHQ already. The BrandsHQ module can be accessed by clicking the BrandsHQ tab located at the top of the screen. If you’re not a Premium client and would like to access BrandsHQ, contact us to upgrade your membership today.
Insights and Contacts focus primarily on company-level information. But BrandsHQ lets you look at a brand level too. It allows you to search over 1,800 brands for insights, contact details and agency relationship information.
Our in-house Discovery Team updates BrandsHQ all day, every day: calling leading brand owners and their agencies to make sure our insights are 100% fresh. Want to see how recent our data is? Just look at the date stamp next to it.
If you are searching for a specific brand, make sure you don’t have any filters ticked and give your spelling a quick check. If you need to use filters, just start with one and add more once your results come in.
We love it when clients help us keep our data fresh: please flag it (using the ‘flag’ icons on the tabs) and we’ll check and update the data, and apply some “thank you credits” to your account. Once you get to 50 credits we’ll send you a gift voucher to say thanks!
Absolutely! We’ve only recently launched BrandsHQ and would love to hear your feedback: it all helps us build an even better product for you. Contact us to share your feedback.

ROI calculator

ROI calculator

Do you know how the time your sales team spends prospecting affects your bottom line?

Paving the way to FMCG success

Paving the way to FMCG success

Smart thinking and on-the-money insights spell success for oOh! Media.

Get BrandsHQ today today or call 1300 736 447


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